The Aeroglove Touchless Glove Dispenser: Antiviral Covid Protection

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Graphic of the Aeroglove touchless glove dispenser

In these unprecedented times employees and patrons care more about safety than ever. Many industries use nitrile or latex gloves to keep clean, and whether it be doctor or a food service employee they expect the glove to be a source of safety and cleanliness.

Unlike other gloves, which risk immediate contamination the minute you grab one, the Aeroglove is the perfect tool to prevent viral transmission with its one-time use, touchless, sanitary gloves.

The Aeroglove provides protection and peace of mind to employees, customers, and others in this touch heavy world we live in.

See how it works below and grab yours today!

How to use the Aeroglove

How to reload the Aeroglove

How fast is the the Aeroglove?

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