3-1/4" Size One Row Donut Cutter Yeast Donuts


Key Features:

  • BRAND NEW -- Factory Original Package
  • This Auction is for  One row Donut cutter.
  • 3-1/4" Size  One Row Donut Cutter.
  • Metric Size: 83 mm.
  • No. of Cuts per Revolution: 6 cuts.
  • Cuts round yeast raised donuts with hole in center.
  • Center hole is 1-1/8" diameter.
  • Revolving Cutters are used in bakeries, donut shops, supermarkets, kitchens, schools, institutions, hospitals, army, nay and air force bases.
  • Cutters are cast aluminum and revolve on a steel axle with hardwood handles. Accurate dough cutting minimizes dough trimmings.
  • Simple and easy enough to be a valuable time saver for anyone.
  • Handle cutters properly for long lasting satisfaction.
  • Cutters can be sharpened as necessary and replacement parts are available on special order.
  • Consider purchasing a spare cutter for an emergency.

*    If you are looking for any donut accessories, please  feel free   to contact us by email www.sales@chefcooktools.com   or by telephone 

 1(800) 557-7650.

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