Open Base 18 Tray / Glass Rack and Silverware Cart CR36-18RP-(COLOR)



A great looking cart with both form and function,
the CRT36-18 is a full-featured tray and silverware
cart that comes standard with features others
offer only as options. The 36” tray and silverware
carts comes standard with integrated side and
back panels, handle grasps, corner bumpers,
locking casters and a choice of silverware
cylinders. Choose from the RP-25 plastic color
series or the S-500 stainless steel high capacity
silverware cylinders. Everything you need is

Standard Features:
• Solid bottom shelf for tray or glass rack
dispensing holds two stacks of 14” x 18” trays or
one stack of glass racks
• Dispensers setback allows for easy tray or glass
rack access
• Stainless steel side and back panels
• Integrated handle grasps
• (4) locking, non-marking casters
• (4) corner bumpers
• Choice of colored plastic cylinders (RP
designation) or stainless steel (SS designation)
• All welded 304 stainless steel construction
• NSF approved
• Made in the U.S.A.