1. Aeroglove Touchless Glove Dispenser



Aeroglove Touchless Glove Dispenser, 16″L x 10-1/2″W x 3-1/2″D, with (8) D batteries & mounting hardware, holds (1) stack of (150) gloves (not included), plastic
Height -3.50 inches
Width -16.00 inches
Depth -10.50 inches
With the widespread breakout of Coronavirus/Covid-19 we have entered a new landscape as it relates to germ transmission and protection. The AeroGlove Dispensing unit offers a unique solution to many concerns regarding contact contamination.
With other options like Nitrile and Latex the user contaminates the glove when they grab it to put it on. Patented air dispensing unit expands the Poly Glove so users can simply slide their hands into the glove with no contamination.

The AeroGlove offers an over-glove option that can easily slide over a Nitrile or Latex glove, or can be used by itself. It is an inexpensive and disposable option for users and is offered in a biodegradable resin. We offer the product in a variety of applications including tabletop, wall mount, or pedestal dispensing.