48DIASE Table Top -48″ Diameter x 1-1/4″ Thick (SE) Self-Edge (All Laminate)



Table Top Specifications

Laminated Tops

We use high-pressure, horizontal grade laminates designed to provide resistance to wear, heat, stains and impact in decorative surface applications.  We do not use vertical grade laminates.  All tabletops are sealed with a backer sheet on the underside. The backer sheet also allows for greater holding power when attaching to a table base.  The laminate and backer sheet are applied under heat and pressure by means of a hot press machine.

Table tops start with an 1-1/8” thick contract grade core stock material with a density of 4.5 lbs. per square foot.  The core stock material is a fine flake particle board.  The fine flake particle board is a premium product and will not allow imperfections to show though when the laminate is applied under heat and pressure.



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