3b) BlendPro1.T 50 oz. (Capacity 1.5L) Blender (BLOO1.T) — (230 Volt)



BlendPro 1.T

The least expensive, high-performance commercial blender, the BlendPro is powerful, versatile and durable. Ideal for blending various foods and drinks in addition to chopping, kneading, crushing and grinding.

Comes complete with a 50 oz jar with lid, mixing rod and cutting unit. Suitable for up to 50 oz of blending. Compatible with the noise-reducing shield.


Model Number (230 V)
Jar Capacity
1.5 L / 50 oz
1050 W
Variable speed control
For Blender:
3HP high speed motor.
Two in one stainless steel cutting blade>
Precision technology.



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