Non-Stick Frying

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Egg frying in a pan

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Non-stick Frying: Keep food from Sticking

When you are pan frying or sauteing, a great tip for non-stick frying is to always heat the pan before adding the oil or butter. Heat on Med to Med-low. You DON'T want a high heat (especially for meats and eggs). When the pan is heated (2-3 mins) add in enough oil -whatever kind you choose- to coat the pan, bottom and sides. The coat of oil acts as a barrier between the pan and the food. This helps keep the item from sticking to the pan. The Key is not to have too low, or too high of heat. Too low and the food doesn't "sizzle"; Too high and bits of food burn, sticking to the pan.

Protein foods, such as meats and eggs, are ALWAYS better cooked on low to med heat. When cooked too high, too fast, protein foods tend to get tough and dry. Taking your time and cooking on lower heat retains the moisture and tenderness. However I digress.

Why not add the oil first, as you heat the pan. Often the oil heats faster than the pan and can burn before the pan is hot enough to start cooking.

Another little frying tip; Adding a sprinkle of salt in the pan before frying will help keep the hot oil from splattering. 

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