The Aeroglove Touchless Glove Dispenser: Antiviral Covid Protection

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In these unprecedented times employees and patrons care more about safety than ever. Many industries use nitrile or latex gloves to keep clean, and whether it be doctor or a food service employee they expect the glove to be a source of safety and cleanliness. Unlike other gloves, which risk immediate contamination the minute you grab one, the Aeroglove is … Read More

Non-Stick Frying

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Egg frying in a pan

Photo by Megha Mangal from Pexels Keeping food from Sticking when Frying When you are pan frying or sauteing, a great tip for non-stick frying is to always heat the pan before adding the oil or butter. Heat on Med to Med-low. You DON’T want a high heat (especially for meats and eggs). When the pan is heated (2-3 mins) add in enough … Read More

Yeast Donuts – Donut making Tips

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Sugared Donuts on a plate

Photo by Public Domain Pictures from Pexels 1) Mixing — Put water into bowl first, crumble yeast into water, then add mix. Mix dough until it is pliable and dry to the touch. Dough should pull clean away from the sides of the bowl when properly developed. 2) Dough Temperature — Ideal temperature is between 78° to 82° F (25.6° to 27.8° C). Dough temperature that is … Read More

Cake Donuts – Donut making Tips

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Cake Donuts on a Cooling Rack

Photo by Buenosia Carol from Pexels 1) Calculate the water temperature for a batter temperature of 72° to 75° F (22.2° to 23.9° C).2) Measure the water volume according to the formula. Weigh the dry mix. Be precise with both measurements, don’t estimate.3) Select the mixing bowl for the batch size and match the paddle. To ensure proper mixing, put the water in … Read More