Welcome to ChefCookTools!

Chef Cook Tools started over 45 years ago and has been distributing superior quality food service equipment ever since. Whether it be consultation, installation, or working in the field, Arthur Reich has been in food service since he was a small boy. His father installed cabinets for local hospitals, universities, and restaurants like Arctic Circle and Utah State University so Arthur picked up these skills from a young age.

After enlisting in the military for several years, Arthur eventually found himself a college graduate and working for several local food service equipment companies. Using the knowledge he gained there as well as his years of formal and informal training he began his first company "Rich's Hospitality Concepts." 

After several years success the company was bought out by Cisco for half a million dollars. Arthur, not wanting to leave the field he was so passionate and well versed in, decided to start his second company Chef Cook Tools. His love of food, baking and selling food service equipment, supplies, and parts has carried the company for over 45 years!

Over the years, he has served countless customers in the Food Service field and many have become good friends with many of them. As the company reaches an older age, customer focus and casual friendly relations have come to define our operations. We work with fewer customers and give more dedication to each of them to ensure a long, healthy, and mutually beneficial working relationship for all of our clients.

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to a professional, please let us know. There is a Contact Us link in the footer.

We believe in superior products and in sharing them with buyers of the world.  We work hard to give excellent pricing and service on these items and hope to satisfy all of our customer's needs to the fullest.

Have a Great Day!

Arthur and Crew